Locally owned and operated

First and foremost, understand that Happy Junk Removal is a locally owned and operated business. Located in Mesa, AZ, we are proud to call the Phoenix area home. We are not a national franchise that sends money out of state. Our operation employs local residents, pays Arizona taxes, and serves the Phoenix, Arizona region exclusively.

We have positive, established relationships with many types of business sectors including: General Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Insurance Brokers, Commercial Developers, and more. From residential homeowners to commercial business owners, when you use Happy Junk Removal, you will find we are committed to take care of ALL your junk removal and the cleanup needs that follow.

Happy Junk Removal is the premier junk removal company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Whether it is one single item to multiple loads, we are fully suitable to handle and clean-up any job. Our strong, intelligent guys can remove anything! No two junk removal jobs are identical, so give Happy Junk Removal a call today for a free quote! Our number is (480) 557-5865.

Company Mission

Our Motto:
To provide the best customer service possible, while aiding the Earth and our environment by recycling whenever possible and donating reusable items to people who need it most.

Why Choose Us

Happy Junk Removal offers quality junk pick up and removal services to residential and commercial companies in the Greater Phoenix area. Our assistance to our customers includes junk removal AND clean-up wherever you need it. By using solid business management methods, with a friendly and reliable junk hauling crew, our customers understand what Happy Junk Removal is all about.

We are LOCAL