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Old Appliances Removal in PHOENIX, AZ.

Appliances are cumbersome to maneuver. They are also a pain to figure out how to responsibly dispose of. Happy Junk Removal takes care of that for you. As a local business serving Phoenix and surrounding areas, we have built relationships with the right companies in our community to help. All our appliance removal in Phoenix is done with an eye for where best to take the item(s) for recycling or repurposing. Whenever we can, we keep appliances out of landfills. That is our dedication to our customers, our community, and our planet!

Our appliance removal professionals have the skills and experience to handle removal of any type of appliance—even commercial appliances. We have the special equipment to do it safely and without a scratch, even in tight quarters.

Professional Old Appliance Removal in Phoenix

If you need your commercial refrigerator removed to make way for the new one—and you need it done today, give us a call. We keep an open schedule to meet your needs. We can often arrange same-day or next-day appliance removal.

There are instances when you’ll want to pull out your air conditioner, remove the old stove or refrigerator from your kitchen, or remove your washing machine to your basement. Do not try to tackle such tasks by yourself. let us take care of the entire task on your behalf. Are you aware that the average fifteen-year old refrigerator weighs around 250 pounds? Many people can’t lift this much weight. Even if you were, the task is highly dangerous to attempt these tasks unless you’re an experienced professional.

The most effective method to get the old appliances removed from your home is to get in touch with our experts at Happy Junk Removal to tackle your old appliance removal in Phoenix. We have a dedicated team of skilled and dedicated staff who are available at all times during the week to make sure that your appliances removal needs are done without hassle. Whatever the appliances or type of appliance you have the team at Happy Junk Removal is able to provide all solutions to removal of appliances. Our team is quick, efficient and highly professional.

Looking for Appliance Hauling Services Near me?

We offer you a free, no-pressure quote when you call. You can count on us for reliable appliance removal that will not cost you any more for being guilt-free! Our experienced professionals will arrive on time and work efficiently. We get in and get out of your hair, fast. We can handle large jobs like taking away multiple old appliances in apartment complexes so you can upgraded to new ones. We also do one-time, one-item appliance removal for you. We have the appliance removal service to fit your specific needs.

Look us up online. We know there are other services out there, but do they have the kind of positive reviews that we do? Our dedication to our customers shines through!

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