Who You Gonna Call?

Junk removal mesa

$600.00 per truck load or $475.00 per truckload?   Big national franchise corporation or a local Arizona native family run operation?  We have zero franchise fees.  Happy Junk Removal.  Keep your hard earned dollars in the Arizona economy.  Get Happy!

Junk or Treasure?

At Stardust Building materials donating items from yesterday’s junk removal job.  Items get resold and re-purposed.  Note the huge football prop left from the Pro Bowl.

Garbage Warrior

The latest trend in media is telling me that I and everyone else needs to watch “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Instead, I discovered “Garbage Warrior.” It is free on YouTube and it actually has a good message. I watched it with my son and asked him a question to ponder as he goes through life, …

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