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Hot Tub Removal

Hot tubs are great when they work. When they don’t work or they are outdated or too expensive to operate, it is time to call Happy Junk Removal for your hot tub removal in Phoenix. Hot tubs are made to be tightly fitted, making them tricky to dismantle and remove. Our hot tub removal professionals have the skills and experience to handle any size or model hot tub you have. We get it safely and cleanly out of your way, leaving no trace behind.

hot tub removalWe are a locally-owned business committed to both customer satisfaction as well as staying earth-friendly. You can count on us to recycle whenever possible. Having been in the hauling business for many years, and having built relationships with local recyclers, we know what to take and where to take it to be repurposed. That is just some of the difference using a local company can make. We are invested in our community and we want what is best for everyone.

Professional Hot Tub Removal

Many people try to take apart a hot tub themselves before finding out just how involved the project becomes. It can lead to a huge mess and even injury when not done well. We have the necessary tools and equipment needed for hot tub removal. Our team has been specifically trained for these projects. We always have an experienced supervisor along on these jobs to manage each step of the process. We keep your home or yard safe from any damage during the removal and we clean up after the project is complete, leaving no debris behind.

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