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Junk Removal In Chandler AZ

Happy Junk Removal offers more than professional junk removal services in Chandler, AZ. Whether it is bulk pickup or items that you want to be donated but can’t transfer yourself, we have your back for all junk removal services. Our team works hard to make sure any help you get from us is efficient. Our guys are dedicated to what we do and work to be timely with your pickup. Your spot will be clean of all debris and clutter at the end. We care deeply about our Chandler customer’s experience and want to leave each pickup with you feeling taken care of.

Chandler Junk Removal:

We provide a range of junk removal services, including:

We also provide services for commercial clients, including construction site pickups and dumpster rentals.

Call Happy Junk Removal at (480) 557-5865 for a free quote today. We are here to help service Chandler residents with all of their junk removal needs!

Phoenix Service Areas

chandler mapHappy Junk Removal services all over the greater Phoenix area, including:

Our employees are true junk removal pros. They are experts who can remove whatever junk you have piled up, no matter how tight the space. And they’ll do it quickly and affordably. They are friendly and take great pride in making sure your junk is removed and that we leave a 100% cleaned-up site.

Chandler has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. As businesses have moved in, housing has expanded, and highways built, junk has also accumulated. Chandler has become one of our hottest areas for junk, debris and appliance removal.

Contact us today for a free quote on your junk removal in Chandler, AZ. Find out why a responsible, local company makes all the difference!

Commercial Junk Removal in Chandler

Happy Junk Removal offers services to a variety of commercial businesses in the Chandler area. Whether you need junk picked up from a commercial office, retail, hotels, mixed-use, or land, our professional team will clear your space of any and all junk necessary. We know sensitive material can be part of commercial pickups; our team is trained to handle and properly dispose of these items providing your business with peace of mind.

Meet Happy Junk Removal’s Owner

happy junk removal gilbert azJohn has always had a passion for servicing Arizona. John grew up watching his dad who was in the salvaging business here in the state; he learned from him and fell in love with junk removal. There was never a doubt in John’s mind what he wanted to do as he got older. Junk removal services are second nature to him, he knows what needs to be done for a successful and clean pickup. For John, helping families around the valley clean their homes of unwanted items means more than one might think.

Providing this service to the AZ community helps John and his team take care of the local environment in their own way. The team at Happy Junk Removal makes sure to take unwanted items to the proper location, not everything’s meant to go to the landfill. This dedication and care to junk is what John prides himself on. Creating a responsible, local company, not some mega-pickup service is important to John. His style of business let him and his team do work that matters. John and everyone that works for him all have the same dedication and care to the Arizona community and the people who make it complete.

John started his company with himself and one truck. Now, Happy Junk Removal has five different trucks to help them service cities all over the greater Phoenix area. Customer satisfaction is beyond important to John and the team. No matter the pickup, the team wants their customers to feel like they are respected and cared about. Happy Junk Removal is prepared to handle any pickup one might have. We work quickly and efficiently so you can have your space back.

If you find yourself with unwanted junk, give us a call at (480) 557-5865 for a quote. You can also text us at (480) 868-7401 or book our services online and save $15. Let John be your guy and show why Happy Junk Removal matches its customer reviews.

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