Phoenix Bulk Trash Pickup Schedule: Everything You Need To Know

Cities across Arizona offer a variety of bulk trash pickup services at little to no cost. The largest city in Arizona, Phoenix, is beginning one of its last pickup rotations for the 2020-2021 schedule.

Click Here To View the 2020-2021 Bulk Pickup Schedule

These services provide different communities all across the area with simple and affordable pickup services. However, it is important for residents to follow the different rules and guidelines set by their city.

When the bulk trash rules aren’t followed, it can slow down the process and leave you with your items still sitting in front of your home. In some cases, leaving out unaccepted items can result in a fee.

For the City of Phoenix, you can place items such as furniture, large appliances, mattresses, toilets, and large amounts of vegetation out for pickup. Any sort of vegetation needs to be placed in a bag or box, and tree trimmings need to be cut down to less than 12″ in diameter and 4′ in length​.

As listed on the city’s website, Phoenix Bulk Trash pickup will not accept certain items

Here’s What The City Won’t Pick Up

  • ​More than 20 cubic yards per residence which are similar to the size of an SUV
  • Loose debris and litter
  • ​Loose grass, leaves, weeds, twigs, and hedge clippings
  • Household hazardous waste (HHW), such as antifreeze, pool chemicals, oil, batteries, and paint
  • Materials placed in the Bagster bags
  • Materials such as bricks, concrete, dirt, rocks, asphalt, and roofing shingles/tiles
  • Construction materials in excess of 25 pounds or over four feet long
  • Metal or car parts in excess of 20 pounds or over four feet long
  • Any type of tire
  • Any sort of glass product
  • Tree trunks or stumps longer than 4 feet and bigger than 12 inches in diameter
  • Appliances that use refrigerants such as freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners

Depending on the location of someone’s home, they will either have a curbside placement or alley placement. For curbside pickup, all trash must be located on the edge of the property, parallel to the street or curb, and at least 5 feet away from any fixed objects. For alley pickup, place the pile along the alley wall and avoid touching the wall and blocking alley access

The City of Phoenix allows for bulk trash to be placed outside nine days before the designated zone pickup date. It is considered a violation of the city ordinance to place trash out before the listed “Placement Begins On” date, which is found on the city schedule.

Collection for those in zone one is set to start on August 23. Those in the final zone, zone 13, will have the final pickup for the year starting on November 15. Each of the last remaining pickups should start each Monday; which Monday will depend on the zone.

While bulk trash pickups are a great way to get rid of a small amount of junk with little thought, when it comes to the big projects, the city program might not always meet your needs.

It’s important to follow the rules laid out by the city for its program, so any work being done that produces trash must be disposed of properly. When you find yourself left with materials the city won’t take or too much stuff for pickup, it might be time to consider a junk hauling service.

Here at Happy Junk Removal, we pick up any and all junk no matter when. We pride ourselves on being efficient and fast when it comes to removing your junk. Whether it’s same-day or next-day services, we are here to help. Waiting for bulk pickup isn’t always manageable. Instead of trying to work your schedule around city services, considering a junk removal company that can make your life easier.

City pickup is very specific on the when and what when it comes to junk. At Happy Junk removal, we aren’t limited on the total and type of items we pick up for you. As well, our team is able to help take care of some of the heavy lifting. If moving your items out to the curb isn’t feasible, our pickup and removal services can help remove that burden from you.

Many appliances aren’t able to be picked up by city services during bulk removal, and scheduling with city appliance recycling can be confusing and still leaves you with heavy junk to haul. Using an outside service can help simplify the process and not limit you to what you can have hauled.

We at Happy Junk Removal know life moves fast at home, so we pride ourselves on being able to remove junk fast and efficiently. Our amazing team of professionals will make sure your pickup goes smoothly. Help remove the stress of meeting city bulk pickup requirements by going with a company that works for you.

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