Dumpster Rental Or Hire A Junk Removal Service?

With our new Dumpster Rental Service, you now have a better choice when it comes to your junk removal. If you rent a dumpster, you can do the work yourself, and we come by and pick up the full dumpster for you. Or, you can hire our professional junk removal team to remove the junk and fill the dumpster, while you work on other areas. You see, renting a dumpster can make your junk removal project easier!

There are many reasons why a homeowner may have a large amount of garbage to get rid of: a remodeling project, renters moved out, replacing furniture and/or appliances, or simply a large-scale de-cluttering chore. These tasks wind up creating an excess of materials that are too large for a regular bulk trash pickup. You need to decide between renting one of our dumpsters and using our full junk removal service. Below is some information to help make the decision easier. For more information about junk removal in Phoenix or the Greater Metro Valley area, feel free to call Happy Junk Removal for answers.

Why not do it myself?

Whether you rent a dumpster or use a junk removal service, either is better than trying to use your own vehicle. Not only can loading and unloading be backbreaking work, the heavy weight can cause damage to your truck or SUV. Most projects wind up creating a lot more waste than anticipated. You will likely have to make multiple trips and probably to more than one location. Some locations require permits to dump specific items or materials. By the time you would have done all that work, you will have very likely spent more in fees, gas, time, and physical labor than will have been worth it. Going with a service is the cheaper, more time efficient way to go.

The Benefits of a Junk Removal Service

  • We do the heavy lifting – Getting a service to help means you don’t have to haul heavy items, like appliances, up or down staircases and through the house. They do the lifting for you. A hauling company moves the unwanted items out, making sure things are clear of door jams, walls, and other furniture that might be at risk of damage. You, your back, and the items in your home remain safe!
  • Recycling and donation options – A local junk hauling service knows where to take what. They can take items to donation centers and recycling drop offs. Separating these items, especially when you are not sure what to take where, is a pain. Local companies who offer recycling services, like Happy Junk Removal, are familiar with the rules and limitations for different recycling centers and donation locations. That way items are not wasted when they could have been donated and no time is wasted trying to figure out who will take what.
  • Hot tub removal – Large items that need to be dismantled to be removed, such as a hot tub, can be done for you. If you have an old unwanted or broken hot tub, a removal service will do all the work for you.
  • Schedule it when you need it – If you rent a dumpster and the project goes longer than expected, you may need to rent it for longer and wind up spending more than budgeted. A junk removal service can be scheduled toward the end of a project, when you are clear of your time frame. You won’t be charged more if the project runs long.
  • Cleanup – A removal service will sweep up and clear the area where the debris has been taken from. With a dumpster, you are left to do that on your own.
  • Clear pricing – Budgeting for a dumpster can be tricky, as there are usually weight limits. It is hard to know if and when you have come close to an allotted weight for a dumpster. Our Junk pick up service is charged by the size of the load and we offer a comprehensive price estimator on our website where you can get a clear idea of the cost. Our friendly staff is also happy to help you with a no-obligation quote for services.
  • Get more for your dollar – depending on the length of time you might need a dumpster, many junk removal services cost about the same. Why not leave the heavy lifting to the professionals and get more for your money?
  • Avoid the eyesore – Dumpsters are an attraction for animals and insects and they may begin to smell. They also take up a parking space—either blocking the driveway or taking up a spot on the street. These issues can become irritating to neighbors. Some homeowners associations do not allow a dumpster without pre-approval, if at all, or they limit the amount of time you can have one around your home. With a junk pick up service, we come when you are ready and take everything away in a compact span of time.
  • Far more affordable for small projects – If you have a single large item or two, like furniture or appliances, it is far more cost effective to use a junk hauling service than rent a dumpster. Dumpsters are priced for a large amount of debris and are too expensive for only a few items. If you are clearing out excess items from a basement, attic, storage shed, or the like, and it is not packed to the rafters, you probably won’t have enough to make renting a dumpster worth the cost.

When should you rent a dumpster?

Renting a dumpster is best for long-term projects, such as demolition or new construction. If you want to do all the lifting yourself, a dumpster has the advantage of allowing a person to clear things out as they go. It is often best to rent the dumpster for a longer period of time than is estimated to finish the project. Again, this is because most building projects take more time than originally estimated and you don’t want the dumpster to be removed before the work is complete.

Still have questions? Call today to let us know what you kind of hauling you need. We will answer questions and offer a quote without pressuring you to use our services. That is just part of our commitment to provide quality services to our community.


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